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Well the season hasn’t started as a I hoped.  Probably not how any Phillies fan had hoped. 


Sure it’s early, and I know there’s still 158 games left to play, but right now we’ve all been treated to some ugly Phillies baseball.  The Phillies have been outscored 29-16, and if not for an eight-run seventh inning on Wednesday would be 0-4. 

The pitching, the key to last years success, has been a total abomination.  Starters have a combine ERA of 10.61, and as a staff, they’ve allowed nine home runs.

The offense has yet to find any type of groove.  The teams table setters (Jimmy Rollins & Shane Victorino), are a combine 4 for 34.  Blame it on the WBC, blame it on lack of concentration.  All I know it it’s bad baseball.

The boo-birds have already started to come out (and not just becasue Adam Eaton was in town).  It lasted about 18 minutes before the first boos rained down on Citizens Bank Park.  It’s definately a good thing we’re World F. Champions, or fans would start to panic.  This is Philadelphia, we do that. 

Again, it’s early, I understand that.  I’m not jumping ship or trying to bash the club, I’m just saying it would be nice to see a Phillies club for once have a prosperous April.

It’s been four games…  Four long games… 

While the Marlins find themselves 4-0, the Braves 3-1, and the Mets 2-2, the opposing fans are already starting the chatter away.  Let them, that’s fine by me.  There’s 158 games left, and if the past couple season have taught me anything, it’s not to panic in April.


Adam Eaton – I Believe

081107eaton Tonight is another must win game for the Phillies in Washington, and Adam Eaton is on the mound.  Yes…  Adam Eaton.  The Adam Eaton who has the worst ERA among starters (6.36), in all of baseball.  The Adam Eaton who hasn’t won a game since July 20th (9-9 record).  The Adam Eaton who hasn’t had a quality start since early July.  Not exactly the guy you want to hand the ball to in a big game.

There is a bright side.  It’s better then JD Durbin trotting out there.  Not to take anything away from Durbin, I think he’s a talented pitcher, but he’s still a rookie who needs to refine his skills before he will have an impact on the league.  Eaton at least has the experience.  This will be the stage where he rises to the occasion.

Bright side #2…  Eaton has given up 30 home runs this season, you could say it’s been a problem.  RFK Stadium isn’t exactly a hitter’s park, so expect the home runs to be minimal. 

I’m not going to lie to you, given Eaton’s track record this season, part of me is frightened to watch him pitch tonight, but I believe.  As frightening as he might be, he’s going to get it done…

My prediction:  6IP, 2ER, Eaton picks up his tenth win of the season.