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Kyle – Keep Throwing the Changeup!

Lohse_1 In all honesty, I’m not a fan of Kyle Lohse.  He’s always been one of those floundering pitchers with potential, who just can’t seem to get it together.  Although when the Phillies picked him up at the trading deadline I thought it wasn’t a bad trade given what they gave up. 

The more I’ve watched him since he joined the Phillies I’ve learned to like him less.  He seems to tip toe on the outer half of the plate once he gets ahead, and doesn’t have the ability to finish off a batter, and won’t challenge them.

The Kyle Lohse last night is a pitcher I haven’t seen this season.  He pitched seven strong innings, something the Phillies haven’t seen in a while.  After watching him pitch, there’s one distinct change.  He threw a lot of change ups.  It had great movement, and seemed to dies as it crossed the plate.

The funny thing is I didn’t know Lohse even had a change up.  He never throws it.

After doing a little research many consider the changeup Lohse’s best pitch, but he doesn’t have the confidence to throw it.  As a result, he pushes his slider and gets behind in the count.  Once that happens, he lives and dies by his fastball, and when it’s over the plate he becomes very hittable.

Last night Lohse wasn’t very hittable, and the reason is the changeup.  He doesn’t have another start this season (though don’t be surprised if he comes in Saturday, relieving Adam Eaton), but hopefully he can follow up last night’s performance in October.

If Lohse can have confidence in that changeup, he could be a very good pitcher for years to come.